Sons of Confederate Veterans

Have you ever seen a local advertisement, read an article, saw a website pertaining to the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) and wondered who they were or what they represented? If you are from the south, you may recognize and know about this organization. For those of you that may not be familiar with them or may have some preconceived idea about them, we wanted to provide a little background on this long-standing organization.

The SCV is a National Organization that was founded in 1896. It is the second oldest active Veterans Organization in the United States. The SCV is a National Honor and Historical Society that strives to honor and preserve our great nation’s southern heritage.

All members of the organization must be able to prove their Confederate ancestry. With that being said, they do offer a Legionaries membership for those that are in the process of collecting the necessary documentation, individuals that are unable to provide the appropriate documentation, or those that simply believe in preserving our nation’s southern heritage.

The SVC is not and will never be a racist, radical, or subversive organization. The organization has very strict rules within their by-laws stating that anyone who possesses or display these behaviors is prohibited from joining. Anyone displaying or encouraging these negative behaviors will be immediately and permanently expelled from the organization.

The primary goal of the organization is to honor our ancestors through educating our communities about the factual history of the Civil War, the southern state’s objectives, and the final outcome of the war. Their secondary goal is to ensure that every Confederate Veteran’s burial place is properly marked and maintained for historical purposes. The SCV believes these brave men and their families must be honored for fighting for a cause they believed in.

The SCV utilizes confederacy databases to locate Confederate soldier’s grave sites. They visit the sites to ensure they are clean, well maintained, and mapped using GPS coordinates so future generations can easily find their ancestors. When they discover unmarked grave sites, they have a headstone made and conduct a Headstone Dedication Service. If you have never attended a service, they encourage you to do so. These services have a tendency to be extremely touching and emotional for those in attendance.

The SCV Camp #2086, Dixie Defenders, meet every fourth Tuesday of the month at The Taste of Dixie Diner in Cross City, Florida at 7:00 P.M. If you wish to eat, please arrive at least one hour prior to the meeting.

If you are a member, would like to become a member, or want to learn more about the organization, please feel free to attend one of the upcoming meetings. The members will greet you with open arms and share their knowledge about the Civil War.

Deo Vindice (Under God, our Vindicator)

Daryl Ratterree

Camp Commander

S.C.V. Camp #2086

The Dixie Defenders'