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J. Edgar Hoover Law & Order Awards presented to honor two fallen police officers

25 February 2020

On Tuesday 25 February 2020, the Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp #2086 "The Dixie Defenders" presented two Awards from the Sons of Confederate Veterans National Headquarters. The Awards are known as the J.Edgar Hoover Law and Order Awards. These Awards were presented to Sheriff Booby Schultz and the Gilchrist County Sheriff's Department. They were presented in Honor and Memory of  Sergeant Noel Ramirez and Deputy Taylor Lindsey two of Gilchrist County's finest who were senselessly murdered almost two years ago. They will always be remembered and never forgotten.


The Sons of Confederate Veterans - J. Edgar Hoover Law and Order Award consist of a Certificate from S.C.V. National Headquarters. It is also accompanied by a Medal which has an upper metal banner, a red clothe ribbon with an Iron Cross of Honor attached to it. On the Iron Cross of Honor are two revolvers with the barrels crossed which signifies Law Enforcement. The upper metal band on both of these Awards were engraved with Sergeant Noel Ramirez and Deputy Taylor Lindsey's names as a permanent reminder of the sacrifice that was made by both of them. There are only two of these Awards given nationwide each year. The importance of the presentation of these Awards is noted in the fact that Sons of Confederate Veterans- National Commander-In-Chief Mr. Paul Gramling drove down from Shreveport, Louisiana for this presentation. It was also attended by Florida Division Commander Mr. Kelly Crocker from Tallahassee, Florida.


Pictured (L to R):  Lieutenant Todd Holley, Sergeant Dean Watson and Sheriff Bobby Schultz from Gilchrist County Sheriff's Office receiving the Awards from Commander-In-Chief Paul Gramling and Camp #2086 Commander Daryl Ratterree.

Dixie Defenders Banquet

14 September 2019

The Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) Dixie Defenders Camp 2086 were honored to hold a banquet during the Commander-In-Chief, Paul Gramling's visit to our camp.  You can view the pictures from the banquet above.

Ulmer Award Presented to Lt. J. Ferrell Mikell

June 2019

Lieutenant J. Ferrell Mikell was awarded the "Ulmer Award" at the Division Banquet and Awards Ceremony, during the Florida Division Reunion in June. This is the absolute highest award within the Florida Division. We are all so proud of him.

World War One Monument

May 2019

The crew from O.T. Davis Monument Company set the World War One Memorial at the Veterans Memorial Park in Trenton, FL. It is noted that the World War One Monument was the only one missing in Veterans Circle Park for many years. The Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 2086 received the story from Rodger Nogaki over a year ago and provided $500.00 in seed money to get the ball rolling to honor these men. The monument was completely paid for, installed, and was dedicated on Memorial Day, 27 May 2019. 


The first five photo shows the O.T. Davis Monument Company employee's cleaning and polishing the new World War One Memorial. The second photo is of the O.T. Davis employees from left to right:  Nick Vlacos, Steve Hendrix, (kneeling),  Ryan Daube (Owner of O.T. Davis Monument Company), and Valdez Lee (kneeling).

Sword Presentation

March 2019


During the March 2019 SCV Camp 2086 Meeting, Adjutant James E. Tucker, Sr. surprised the command staff by presenting them all with a gift of a Ceremonial Dress Sword.  He was assisted by Mr. Trenton Messer, who is completing his ancestry research so he can become a Cadet in SCV Camp 2086.  Through research and assistance, Mr. Messer is learning the proper presentation and saluting techniques. 

King Size Rocking Chair Winner

January 2019


We are pleased to announce that Mr. Matt Scott from Bronson, Florida was selected as the winner of The King Size Rocking Chair during the January 2019 Camo #2086 meeting.  He can be seen above happily testing the chair out for the first time with Camp Commander Daryl Ratterree and Legionnaire Harvey Resnick who built and donated the Rocking Chair to support the Camp's Scholarship Program, The Clarence and Wally Patterson Memorial Scholarship.

Headstone Dedication Services in honor of Lieutenant Lewis Frazier of Company "A" 10th Georgia C.S.A.

15 December 2018

On Saturday, 15 December at 1:00 P.M., the S.C.V. Camp #2086, Dixie Defenders held a Headstone Dedication Service in honor of Lieutenant Lewis Frazier (1839 - 1918) of Company "A" 10th Georgia Infantry, Confederate States Army (C.S.A.).  Lieutenant Frazier served in the C.S.A. from 10 May 1861 to 9 April 1865.  He was the Great Grandfather of Joe Ferrell Mikell who is the 1st Lieutenant Commander of S.C.V. Camp #2086 in Dixie County, Florida.


The service was held in The Frazier Family Cemetery, located in Hatchbend, Lafayette County, Florida.  The Florida Division Commander Mr. Kelly Crocker was the Keynote Speaker.  The event was well attended with 86 total people.


Several organizations and people provided additional support and assistance, including:

  • 6th Florida Infantry (21 Gun Salute)

  • Washington Artillery (Cannon Salute)

  • Camp #741, Private William Riley Milton Camp, Lady Lake, Florida

  • Camp #770, John Hance Osteen Camp, Trenton, Florida

  • Camp #1424, Madison Starke Perry Camp, Alachua, Florida

  • Ladies from 3 different U.D.C. Chapters were present and provided the singing of Dixie


The program also included:

  • The laying of the wreath by 4 times Great Grandchildren of Lieutenant Lewis Frazier

  • A Last Canteen Service

  • The Requiem to a Confederate Soldier

  • The Grieving Widow (portrayed by Mrs. Betty J. Mikell)

  • "Taps" was played at the end of the service by Commander James Taylor, 2nd Lieutenant and Joseph Morgan Camp, Camp #2012 from Perry, Florida 

  • Narratives explaining each part of the service were given

A poem written and read in tribute to Lt. Lewis A. Frazier by his 2nd Great Grandson, Franklin D. McKoy, on 15 December 2018.


Lewis they called him born of the Fraziers'
What would he grow up to be
He didn't know, neither did they
They all just waited patiently.

Not knowing his earthly outcome
He just knew he needed to go
To serve the country he loved
Without a single thought of saying "no"


Then the time came we all must face
One day the Heavenly Angel came
Then Lewis was laid to rest
In a grave that had no name....


Lost forever to family and friends
To some was the cry "No Way"
He served us well, love is still present
That is why we are!


Diligently they found each clue
A task worth doing for you and me
Alas the outcome we all desired
As Lewis waited......patiently


Lewis A. Frazier did his worthy duty
To keep you and I still free
He ask no honor, praise nor glory
It came today...because he waited patiently.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans, Camp#2086, Dixie Defenders join the Dixie Music Center's 27th Annual Celebration

6 October 2018


The Sons of Confederate Veterans, Camp #2086, "The Dixie Defenders" would like to send out a great big thank you to the Dixie Music Center for allowing our Camp to set-up an information booth at their 27th Annual Celebration. Pictured, from left to right, includes Harvey Resnick, Bob Leichner, Commander Daryl Ratterree, and Mrs. Dotti Leichner.


This event was held on 6 October 2018 at the Dixie Music Center, 26626 S.E. U.S. 19 Highway, Old Town, Florida. It was hosted by the owners Bob and Dotti Leichner, both of which have always been supportive of Camp #2086. At this information booth, we sold chance drawing tickets on two different items. The first was a custom-built rocking chair made by Harvey Resnick a compatriot of Camp #2086. The second item was a 58 Caliber Springfield Black Powder Rifle. The Proceeds from the ticket sales go to support Camp #2086's Scholarship Fund,  administered through the Dixie Education Foundation. We also had numerous contacts with five people who were interested in the Sons of Confederate Veterans, four of which may join Camp #2086 and another in either Tampa or Saint Petersburg. 


In closing, we would like to add, if anyone should wish to purchase any fine musical instruments or if you have ever had a desire to learn to play an instrument, you should contact the Dixie Music Center.

Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV), Dixie Defenders Camp #2086 Birthday Celebrations

28 September 2018

Birthdays are always Special at S.C.V., Dixie Defenders, Camp #2086. On 28 September 2018, the Camp celebrated the birthdays of four of our Camp members. Their Birthdays fell in either the last two weeks of August or the first two weeks of September. We wish the following a Very Happy Birthday: (L to R) John W. Lindsey (Camp Member), Robert W. Yancy (Camp Treasure), Betty J. Mikell (Camp Historian),  Cindy Bellot. (Our Host and Chief Librarian). Wishing Y'all many, many more!  

Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV), Dixie Defenders Camp #2086 Special Meeting

8 August 2018

The following awards were issued under the Hand and Seal of Florida Division Commander Donald Young on 2 June 2018 and presented by Daryl E. Ratterree, Lieutenant Commander, Central Region and Camp Commander, Dixie Defenders Camp #2086 at special meeting held at The Gathering Table Restaurant in Chiefland, FL:

Mr. Ferrell Mikell, Lieutenant Commander, SCV, Dixie Defenders, Camp 2086 received a Distinguished Citation Award for Meritorious Service.

Mrs. Betty Mikell received the Delity Powell Kelly Award for all of the time, effort, and tireless dedication she has given to the SCV, Dixie Defenders, Camp #2086 and The Florida Division. 

The Delity Powell Kelly Award is bestowed to one lady per year honoring their service to the Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp within The Florida Division.  


Delity Powell Kelly was born 4 June 1851 in Apalachicola, Franklin County, Florida. She died at 88 years of age on 31 October 1939 in Pensacola, Escambia County, Florida. She is buried in Saint Michael's Cemetery in Pensacola, Florida. 


A War Between The States Figure. When she was only 10, her father enlisted to serve in the Civil War, and her mother went along as a nurse. She too became a Nurse and ended up serving in Company "A" of Abells Light Artilery. Delity was an only child at the time, so she went along with her mother and also served as a nurse, tending to injured troops. She was captured and released, not once but twice during the war and was present at Appomatox at the end of the war. In 1931, she was the first woman in the state of Florida to be granted her own pension, not a widow's pension, for her service in the Civil War by act of the state legislature. Buried in an unmarked grave for almost 50 years, her descendants learned about this remarkable woman's service to her country when members of the Sons of the Confederate Veterans were looking for her burial site in order to honor her with a memorial headstone. A public memorial service was held in 1998 to honor Delity Powell Kelly, at which time her headstone was placed. A chapter of the Florida Society of the Order of the Confederate Rose is named after Delity. At age 13 she became known as the Rebel Angel of Olustee for her compassionate work with the wounded of both sides following the February 1864 North Florida battle. The entire family worked at a makeshift Baldwin, Florida field hospital treating wounded soldiers and preparing them for transport to nearby Lake City. Delity witnessed amputations, suffering, and untimely death that many adults would not have had the stomach for.

Mr. Johnny McDaris received the Legionnaire of the Year Award. 

One of the many task that he has been involved in is the restoration of the Stevens Family Cemetery in Steinhatchee, FL. The place was overgrown and trashed. He stepped forward, took charge of the situation, and turned it completely around. Today the Stevens Family Cemetery is a beautiful place to visit. He has done this without any assistance. To date, he has also posted 128 Confederate Flags within the four county area.  We are grateful for everything he does. 

Mrs. Paige Brookins, Owner and Operator of The Gathering Table Restaurant in Chiefland, FL received a Florida Division Certificate of Appreciation for her businesses support of the SCV, Dixie Defenders, Camp #2086.

Mr. Rick Pelliter and Mrs. Michelle Pelliter, Owners and Operators of The Print Shop in Chiefland, Florida received a Florida Division Certificate of Appreciation for their businesses support of the SCV, Dixie Defenders, Camp #2086.

Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV), Dixie Defenders Camp #2086 June Meeting

26 June 2018

On Tuesday, 26 June 2018, the Sons of Confederate Veterans, Dixie Defenders Camp #2086 held their monthly meeting at the Dixie County Library in Cross City, Florida.

The opening and closing prayers were given by Mr. Jerry Peacock, 8th Brigade Commander and member of Private Milton Riley Camp #741 located in Tavares, Florida.  Mr. Peacock is a professional drummer and delivers an excellent presentation about Confederate Drumming.

The pledge of allegiance to United States Flag and salute to Confederate flag was given by entire group. 

Mr. Charles Hickman, member of Major William Footman Camp #1950 from Fort Myers, Florida, read the Charge.

Mr. Kelly Crocker, Florida Division Commander and Camp Commander of Finley's Brigade Camp #1614, Tallahassee, Florida was an honored guest speaker.  He briefly spoke about the restoration project at the White Springs Flag site.  He stated that our Confederate flag will be proudly flying again on the site in approximately three weeks.   

We were extremely honored to host Mr. Charles Kelly Barrow from Griffin, GA and the 73rd Past National Commander-In-Chief of the Sons of Confederate Veterans as a guest speaker for the Dixie Defenders, Camp #2086 June meeting. Mr. Barrow, assisted by his son William, gave a very informative presentation on how we attract new members, how we keep them, and how one is restored.

The event was well attended by members from the Sons of Confederate Veterans Camps, United Daughters of the Confederacy, and Children of Confederacy from across Florida.  Others in attendance were Mr. Tarry Beasley, Judge Advocate General of the Florida Division and a member of the Private Milton Riley Camp #741 in Tavares, FL; Mr. Clement Lindsey, 7th Brigade Commander and Camp Commander for the John Hance Osteen Camp #770 in Gilchrist County, FL; Mr. William C. Wright, Adjutant and member of the 2nd Lieutenant Joseph Morgan Camp #2012 in Perry, FL; and Mr. Richard Cane, member of the 2nd Lieutenant Joseph Morgan Camp #2012, Perry, FL; Mr. Phil Waters, Adjutant and member of the Juda P. Benjamin Camp #2010 in Tampa, FL; Mrs. Sandy Mott and Mrs. Judy Rainey, members of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, Marion Dragoons Chapter #2311, Ocala, FL; Ms. Linda Baynard, outgoing President, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Suwannee River Chapter #2715,  Chiefland, FL; Mrs. Myrtice Scabarozi, incoming President, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Suwannee River Chapter #2715,  Chiefland, FL; Mrs. Alicia Jenkins, 3rd Vice President, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Suwannee River Chapter #2715,  Chiefland, FL; and Mrs. Betty Mikell, member of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, Suwannee River Chapter #2715;  Mr. James William Barrow lll, member of the Children of the Confederacy, Georgia Division;  Jordyn and Jakob Jenkins, members of the Children of the Confederacy, Florida Division. Jakob is also a Cadet in the John Hance Osteen Camp #770.

Mr. Phil Waters, Adjutant and member of the Juda P. Benjamin Camp #2010 in Tampa, FL brought and sold some of the items he crafted from the hides of alligators he personally hunted.  He generously donated the proceeds to the Dixie Defenders Camp #2086, which we greatly appreciate. 

A few of the projects of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, United Daughters of the Confederacy, and Children of the Confederacy includes placing flags on veteran gravesites; cleaning veteran tombstones; putting together and donating care packages to VA Hospital and Ronald MacDonald House; honorably investing in youth by giving scholarships to deserving graduates; participating in local festivals and parades; dedicating Confederate Veterans Headstones; and standing guard at funerals.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp #2086 meets the 4th Tuesday of every month at 7:00 PM in the Dixie County Library Conference Room.
We are a National Honor and Historical Society.  We are not and do not tolerate racism in our organization.  We educate anyone who wishes to learn about true historical facts pertaining to the War Between the States.  Everyone is encouraged and welcome to attend our meetings. 

Additionally, you can visit our Website at  The site is filled with lots of historical information or send us a message.  We will also share any questions or information you may have for or pertaining to Chapters of the Son of Confederate Veterans, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Order of the Confederate Rose, or the Children of the Confederacy.

Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV), Florida Division, 48th Annual Reunion

1-3 June 2018

The Sons of Confederate Veterans, Florida Division, held their 48th Annual Reunion in Ocala, Florida from 1-3 June 2018. During the evening banquet on 2 June 2018, the Division Commanders Awards were presented.  The second highest award, the Governor John Milton Award, was presented to Daryl E. Ratterree, Lieutenant Commander, Central Region and Camp Commander, Dixie Defenders Camp #2086.   He is the 35th deserving recipient of this annual award.  The inscription on the award reads, "Presented to Daryl E. Ratterree on June 02, 2018 For Loyalty And Dedication Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty."

The members of Dixie Defenders Camp #2086 are extremely proud of our Camp Commander, Daryl Ratterree, and congratulate him for receiving this very prestigious award.

Ladies Appreciation Award and Medal

August 2019

Mrs. Dottie Ratterree receiving the Ladies Appreciation and Award from the Army of Tennessee, National Headquarters. 

Distinguished Service Award and Medal

August 2019

Mr. James E. Tucker, SCV Camp 2086 Adjutant, receiving a Distinguished Service Award and medal from the SCV National Headquarters.

Fundraising Donations

July 2019

Dr. Warren Feldman donated two items, including a framed print titled "The Home Coming" and a reproduction "Match Lock" type musket (.69 caliber fish tail stock), to help the SCV Camp 2086 raise funds for its Camp Scholarship.

The print titled "The Home Coming" has already been auctioned off.  Tickets for the musket will go on sale for $10.00 per ticket and the sale will be announced soon.